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Classics to new material

Coldcut have put together a new AV show for their 30th birthday year. It features amped-up classic hiphop material like ‘Paid in Full’ remix and ‘Beats and Pieces’, parts of their ‘Journeys by DJ’, more recent favourites like ‘Walk a Mile’ and ‘Everything is Under Control’, and a new version of their AV classic ‘Timber’. Plus brand new material from their well received album with Adrian Sherwood, ‘Outside the Echo Chamber’ and 2016’s ‘Only Heaven’ EP.


Coldcut custom music and visual apps Ninja Jamm and Pixi

Known as tech and DJ/VJ innovators, Coldcut are using their own new inventions to power the show, including their ‘Jamm’ app to remix the tunes live, the visual synth app ‘Pixi’ and the cut n paste game ‘Robbery’. All 3 are available as free downloads at as the duo believe in sharing their favourite toys. The new version of Timber uses an A.I. deep learning technique called ‘Style Transfer’ to “repaint” footage to sumptuous effect, Coldcut are the first act to use this in a show.


Live cinema meets club art

All visuals are synched to the sound but this is done live rather than prerecorded to keep the flow synergistic, dynamic and edgy… it’s a new form of live cinema meets club art. The visuals match the sound with a cut n paste aesthetic and continue Coldcut’s interest in combining art, music, humour and politics. Using big screen projection for maximum impact, Coldcut the AV pioneers have upped the game again.

Praise for Coldcut X On-U Sound new album ‘Outside The EchoChamber’

“Masterly explorations across Brit urban music continuum”
MOJO 4/5

“It’s multicultural electronic music for people turned off by all those EDM DJs clogging up the charts”
Evening Standard

“Outside The Echo Chamber is a set of insurgent reggae classics with dub, lovers and dancehall variants dominant”

“Apocalyptic dancehall with a ton of bass”
Resident Advisor (On Robbery feat. Rholin X)

“Sherwood’s heavy dub and cut-up reggae rhythms fit well with Coldcut’s more hip-hop-based approach”
Financial Times 4/5

“It would’ve been a long shot for the names on the flyer to let you down: all ten tracks, and their accompanying dub allies, have the presence and sound to claim dancehalls by the fistful”
Clash 8/10

“Few albums released this year will be the product of more experience than Coldcut x On-U Sound’s Outside the Echo Chamber”
Sydney Morning Herald

“We can say that Outside The Echo Chamber can be approached as one of the most coherent pieces of the genre in years, and certainly the proof that being relevant at 50 is very possible”
TsugiAlbum of the month

“This joint album from Coldcut and dub innovator Adrain Sherwood captures the fertile melting pop aesthetic that birthed early dance culture”
Big Issue 4/5

“Outside The Echo Chamber has an infectious celebratory and all-inclusive feel. full of warmth, passion, innovation and creativity”
Future Music


Praise for Only Heaven EP

“I think this might be my favourite record of the day… immediate thumbs up from me.” (Only Heaven) 
– Annie Mac 

“Coldcut are once again taking on the game directly, with all the musical and rhetorical weaponry available” (Only Heaven) 
– The Quietus 

“a rave-spirited breakbeat tune with a smirking lead melody, defined altogether by its air of agitated incredulity” (Donalds Wig) 
– Thump

“An inspiring atmosphere of future-funk” (Only Heaven) 
– Clash 

“Heavy grooves that make you sway and think at the same time” (Donalds Wig) 
– Magnetic Magazine 

“A measured, bubbling trip-hop beat with echoes of Portishead, some lyrical craftsmanship from the one and only Roots Manuva and a gorgeous choral vocal.” (Only Heaven) 
– Cultured Vultures 

“astonishing…” (Only Heaven) 
– Conversations about Her