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There are many ways in which Pixi can produce surprising and interesting visual results from manipulations of the Brush. Particle systems, such as multiple Brushes, are an enhancement to the program which was a bit like going from a mono to a polyphonic synthesiser. Pixi has a sophisticated Patch Matrix like a modular synth in which Control params e.g. Acceloromoter, LFO, touch control, Perlin noise are assigned to Synth params e.g. brush size, position, alpha, feedback. This enable an infinite number of patches to be constructed, and favourite ones saved.

Work is continuing on Pixi with Amaury Hazen from BCN now in pole coding position. We envisage 2 versions, a Master Synth version for iPad for designing presets and a Player version for iPhone which just loads presets and applies them to user images. As the core is cross platform Open Frameworks, it should be possible to do e.g. Android versions also. This will have to wait till we see how the iOS version does.

We would like to work with visual artists to take their work as images into Pixi and then design presets based on these images, as a ‘Visual remixing’ process. These could be inapp purchases and so visual artists could earn from Pixi too.

Here are some pictures made using Pixi. More examples can be seen on the Gallery page.

Concept: Coldcut and Paul Miller
Coding: Paul Miller, Amaury Hazan, Chris Rice. Thanks to Meto Aitken for help with Open Frameworks. 
Preset design: Coldcut