Coldcut live AV show features:

•  Coldcut’s Ninja Jamm audio software
•  New visuals generator Pixi
•  Classic tracks and new material

Coldcut shows available

• Coldcut Live AV show.
• Coldcut x On-U / Sherwood Sound System.
• DJ sets from Jon More & Matt Black
• Ninja Jamm & AV workshops + speaking.

Bookings: Sinan Ors | ATC Live LLP
Tel: +44 20 7580 7773

Praise for Coldcut X On-U Sound new album ‘Outside The EchoChamber?

“Masterly explorations across Brit urban music continuum”
MOJO 4/5

“It’s multicultural electronic music for people turned off by all those EDM DJs clogging up the charts”
Evening Standard

“Outside The Echo Chamber is a set of insurgent reggae classics with dub, lovers and dancehall variants dominant”

“Apocalyptic dancehall with a ton of bass”
Resident Advisor (On Robbery feat. Rholin X)

“Sherwood’s heavy dub and cut-up reggae rhythms fit well with Coldcut’s more hip-hop-based approach”
Financial Times 4/5

“It would’ve been a long shot for the names on the flyer to let you down: all ten tracks, and their accompanying dub allies, have the presence and sound to claim dancehalls by the fistful”
Clash 8/10

“Few albums released this year will be the product of more experience than Coldcut x On-U Sound’s Outside the Echo Chamber”
Sydney Morning Herald

“We can say that Outside The Echo Chamber can be approached as one of the most coherent pieces of the genre in years, and certainly the proof that being relevant at 50 is very possible”
TsugiAlbum of the month

“This joint album from Coldcut and dub innovator Adrain Sherwood captures the fertile melting pop aesthetic that birthed early dance culture”
Big Issue 4/5

“Outside The Echo Chamber has an infectious celebratory and all-inclusive feel. full of warmth, passion, innovation and creativity”
Future Music